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Being an Au Pair

Expand your mind through childcare, travel and cultural exchange

Going abroad as an au pair is an incredible personal and cultural experience. As an au pair you become an extended member of a host family in South America and care for their children for 3 to 12 months. During this time you will learn about each others culture and improve your Spanish, make many new friends and get a chance to explore this amazingly beautiful part of the world.

Through our network in Santiago de Chile and the surrounding areas we will match you with the perfect host family, and support you personally with your travel preparations and throughout your entire stay as an au pair in South America.

Are you ready to become an Au Pair?

Working with children is a fun and very rewarding experience, but it comes with a great deal of responsibility. We want to make sure that both you and your host family benefit greatly from your shared time together. And for us this begins with a basic set of requirements for the admission to our program.

To become an au pair you must be between 18 and 26 years of age, and unmarried with no spouse or dependents. The minimum program duration is 3 months, but many families prefer if their au pair stays longer. A genuine love for children is of course a must, ideally with previous experience in the field of childcare, babysitting or similar.

Furthermore we require all applicants to produce two references from non-family members who can vouch for your character and suitability to work as an au pair, a clean police record and a first aid course certificate. And if you want to brush up on your Spanish, simply sign up for a Spanish course in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador or Costa Rica.

Application Requirements

  • Age
    18 – 26 years
  • Availability
    3 – 12 months
  • References
    2 Letters of Recommendation
    Certificate of Good Conduct
    Paediatric First Aid Course
  • Spanish
    Level A1 or better

Typical Day for Au Pairs

The great thing about caring for children is that no day will be exactly the same. Every family has different routines and needs, depending on the children’s age, their kindergarten or school hours etc.

Your responsibilities as an au pair are focused on childcare. Typical activities may include singing and story telling, making crafts or painting, taking the kids outdoors and playing games. You won’t be expected to do heavy housework.

Au Pair Baby BathAu Pair Sports Games
  • Helping the kids to get ready in the morning

  • Cooking for and with the children

  • Doing the children’s laundry and making their beds

  • Taking them to school or kindergarten, play dates etc.

  • Tidying up after them

  • Helping them with homework

  • Babysitting occasionally when the parents are out

  • Sharing your culture and native language with the children


  • No Spanish Course
  • 3 to 12 months Au Pair in Chile
  • Board and Accommodation
  • Full Support Package


  • Spanish Course in Chile
  • 3 to 12 months Au Pair in Chile
  • Board and Accommodation
  • Full Support Package


  • Spanish Course in country of choice
  • 3 to 12 months Au Pair in Chile
  • Board and Accommodation
  • Full Support Package

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the host families checked?2018-12-12T19:52:52+00:00

Yes, all host families participating in our au pair program have been thoroughly vetted before admission to our program. Our vetting process includes interviews and visiting the family’s home, clean police records from all adult family members, and of course the ongoing positive feedback from previously hosted au pairs.

Are there any additional costs?2019-01-12T09:44:10+00:00

Our packages AuPair BASIC, PLUS and EXPLORER include everything for your stay in South America as per program description. Not included in the price are the following:

  • Flight from your home country to your destination in South America and back
  • Visa application fee
  • Travel Insurance (Health & Liability)
  • 3rd party fees (e.g. first aid course, police record)
Can I change my host family later?2019-01-12T10:09:26+00:00

While we take great care in the selection and vetting process of our host families, in some rare cases the “chemistry” may just not match. In such a case we will of course support you, and first try to sort things out with your hosts. However, if you don’t feel comfortable continuing your stay with the family, we will try our best to arrange a new host family for you quickly.

Can my friends and family visit me?2018-12-12T18:56:28+00:00

Yes, your family and friends are welcome to visit you during your stay as an au pair in Chile. However, you should discuss this with your host parents first, so that they can make the necessary arrangements.

Do I need an international driving licence?2018-12-12T18:49:57+00:00

Yes, for most Latin American countries an international driving licence issued in the drivers home country is required. This document can be issued by your local road traffic authority (e.g. Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or Department of Motor Vehicles).

Do I need to apply for a visa?2018-12-12T19:17:38+00:00
Most EU citizens can visit the Latin American countries in our programs visa-free for up to 90 days as a tourist (e.g. to travel or to participate in a Spanish course).
To work as an au pair in Chile you need to apply for a “temporary resident” visa which will allow you to stay in the country for up to 12 months. We will help you with your visa application and the necessary formalities. Please note that visa requirements may differ depending on the applicants nationality. For reliable information about the requirements applicable to you, please visit the website of the Chilean Embassy in your home country.
Do I need to speak Spanish?2018-12-05T19:59:21+00:00
Yes, Spanish is essential if you really want to experience South America and make new friends quickly. However, your Spanish doesn’t have to be perfect, but you should have a basic vocabulary and be able to have simple conversations.
If you don’t speak any Spanish yet, you can book a course through us and get up to speed in just a few weeks.
How long can I work as an au pair?2018-12-05T20:01:12+00:00

The minimum time to work as an au pair is 3 months and you can stay for up to 1 year. Many families prefer if their au pair stays between 6 and 12 months.

How safe is traveling in South America?2019-01-20T09:39:58+00:00
Is it safe to travel in South America?2018-12-12T19:45:32+00:00
Is South America safe to travel?2019-01-20T11:54:08+00:00

The short answer is: Yes!

However, like many places around the globe, there are some neighbourhoods and locales that should be avoided as they can be dangerous for foreigners. That being said, for every bad travel experience, there are thousands of other travellers who visit South America without any problems at all. The key to staying safe is to act sensibly and stay aware of the risks.

On arrival in Chile, our au pairs will have an orientation meeting with a local member of our team, who will also discuss the “do’s and don’ts” to get you started. Also, we encourage all our clients to consider the following:

When do I have to pay the program fee?2019-01-12T10:07:16+00:00

The program fee for your AuPair BASIC, PLUS or EXPLORER package is due in full within 2 weeks after you accept our offer or 4 weeks before your arrival in South America – whichever occurs first.

In any case, you can rest assured that we will not issue an invoice for you until the matching process has been completed and you agreed to accept the invitation of your preferred host family. And if you change your mind during the matching process, we won’t charge you at all.

When should I apply?2018-12-05T19:54:38+00:00

In many cases we can arrange a program in as little as two weeks. However, we strongly recommend a longer lead time of at least six weeks. This gives you more time to get ready for your journey and your host family can better prepare for your time together.

Where do I stay during the Spanish course?2019-01-20T00:10:47+00:00

AuPair PLUS: The school is situated in downtown Santiago and during your Spanish course you will already stay with your au pair family. Most host families live in the suburbs, but you will be able to commute to and from the school with public transport.

AuPair EXPLORER: Your travel package includes accommodation (dorm bed, breakfast) in a top-rated hostel near the school. Other types of accommodation (e.g. hotel, private or shared apartment, host family) can be arranged upon request (additional costs may apply).

Which destinations do you offer?2019-01-20T00:26:41+00:00

Our au pair program is available in Chile, where most of our host families live in the greater Santiago area. If you choose our AuPair PLUS package, your Spanish course will take place in downtown Santiago.

The AuPair EXPLORER package gives you the opportunity to experience another country apart from Chile. You can choose from our school locations in Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Ecuador and Costa Rica. Your transfer to Chile after the course is included in the program price.

Will I be able to take time off?2018-12-12T19:10:36+00:00

Yes, of course. During the week you typically have two days off and you can also arrange with your host family for an extended period of time if you want to go traveling. For such vacation days, the rule is usually that you get two days for each full month worked, which can be accumulated for later use (e.g. 3 months work = 6 vacation days).

Will I get pocket money from my host parents?2018-12-05T19:57:41+00:00

Yes, in addition to free board and accommodation you will also receive an allowance from your host parents to support you with your leisure time activites. The amount can vary from family to family, but is typically about € 200 per month, depending on your work hours.